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Liberty Public Adjusters, LLC, is a public insurance adjusting firm in the business of helping you, the policyholder, recover from damages sustained by fire, flood, or other causes.  Whether you own commercial or residential property, our licensed public adjusters are independent insurance adjuster specialists working exclusively as your personal advocates.  We will prepare an insurance appraisal estimating, negotiating and collecting property damages to recover your full property loss value from the insurance company.

 As your claims advocate we will:

* Review your policy coverage and advise you as to the maximum benefits you are legally entitled to.

* Protect and secure your property from further damage.

* Provide documentation and photographs of your loss.

* Provide a physical inventory and appraisal of all damaged personal property.

* Provide any experts needed to support your claims.

* Submit a detailed repair estimate to the insurance company.

* Formally submit your claim to the insurance company.

* Keep you apprised of the ongoing settlement efforts.

* Negotiate the best possible settlement of your claim with the insurance company.

Our primary goal at Liberty Public Adjusters LLC is to maximize your claim and to relieve you of the stress and hardship of having to meet all of these requirements alone.

Flooded House, Insurance Claims in Egg Harbor, NJ & Huntingdon Valley, PA

Insurance Claims

A good public adjuster will meet the policyholder at the site immediately, and begin procedures for temporary housing, cash advances, securing property from further damage, and debris removal.  From the onset, the public adjuster reviews the policy in detail to evaluate all possible monetary compensation under the guidelines of the policy.  He or she then assesses damages by completing a detailed inventory of both building and contents, represents the policyholder at meetings with the insurance company representatives, and presents a thorough claim to the insurance company.

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For all insurance losses after regular business hours, please call Mike Wrigley at 609-289-1169 or Anthony Lawler at 856-287-5900 for assistance.